RFM01_Eva Command Code Encoder and Decoder

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Version Information
Hardware: N/A
PCB-Layout: N/A
PC-Software: V1.0.4
Firmware: N/A

Additional Information
Schematic: N/A
Manual: N/A
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Win32-Software: Download
Firmware: N/A
Download, install and use at your own risk !
  • Automatic selection of the correct parameter by any valid command code
  • Direct input of desired values for e.g. frequency and datarate
  • All parameters of the module are supported
  • All commands are automatically de- and encoded to and from hex- and binary-numbers
  • Listboxes support convenient data-entry
  • On change of one value, all other relevant data is recalculated automatically
  • The resulting command code can be copied to the clipboard by a click of a button
  • On exit, all values are saved and loaded on the next start
  • Values can be reset to POR - defaults (single or all)
  • Detailed comments are generated for each command if selected
  • PIC16 - Assembler - Syntax may be used
  • All generated text can be easily copied and pasted into your source code
  • The comment prefix (e.g. "//" in C or ";" for ASM) can be defined freely
This piece of software was developed using the information provided in the RF01 datasheet.
No other RF-measurements than with the device described on the RFM12_Scanner page were made to verify these.

What's new in V1.0.4 ?
  • The darned language mix in the setup dialog should be fixed now.
    All dialogs are now in english. General revision.
What's new in V1.0.2 ?
  • Navigating the different parameters is made easier by an additional list.
  • Fixed the installation on Vista systems.
What's new in V1.0.1 ?
  • Added a multilingual setup program.
RFM01_Eva Command Code Generator Splashscreen RFM01_Eva Command Code Generator Screenshot 1 RFM01_Eva Command Code Generator Screenshot 2